23 before 24: Five Rivers MetroPark, Carriage Hill

Number 7 on my list: Visit each Five Rivers MetroPark at least once. 2014-01-05_0003

This past Saturday, Brandon and I decided to take a trip to a MetroPark and get a head start on my goal to visit each Five Rivers MetroPark once. I grew up in Union, Ohio, so I have already been to a couple in the area (crossed off below). However, as a photographer, I feel that I should be constantly finding different locations for photo shoots in the Dayton area. Don't get me wrong, I do love all of my current locations, but visiting the same places over and over can get a little old and lackluster. I'm hoping that expanding my horizons will expand ability to create amazing artwork for my clients.

We had a great time at Carriage Hill. Sarah the cat (featured below) followed us around and gave us some great company, we stumbled upon the cutest, little toddler with her parents getting pictures taken in the snow, and saw some breathtaking landscapes. I will definitely be back in the future. I feel that this park would be wonderful for some shoots in the spring and fall.

Parks I have visited: 2nd St. Market Aullwood Garden  Carriage Hill  Cox Arboretum Deeds Point Eastwood  Englewood  Germantown Hills & Dales Huffman Island  Possum Creek RiverScape Sugarcreek Sunrise Taylorsville Twin Creek Wegerzyn Gardens Wesleyan


Which is your favorite MetroPark? Which one should I visit next? Let me know why in the comments below!

Love, Chelsea