23 before 24: Healthy Banana Bread Quinoa

Dayton Photgrapher_0090I've been wanting to get my crock-pot out for awhile, so I started Googling some slow cooker recipes with the ingredients I had on hand. I always have plenty of bananas and I just happened to have quinoa, so healthy banana bread quinoa was a perfect fit.Dayton Photgrapher_0087Dayton Photgrapher_0088 Smashing the bananas was my favorite part. : DDayton Photgrapher_0089Dayton Photgrapher_0083

If you'd like the recipe, you can find it here. Now, my version is little bit different, because who likes going straight from the recipe anyway? I didn't have the creamer (I used extra milk), I only had red quinoa, and I added oats, PB2, and organic maple syrup (for the hell of it). Don't feel like you have to stick to the recipe, make it your own. : ]

I swear, this is the BEST recipe I have had with quinoa, and I totally plan on making it again. Let me know how you like it!