23 before 24: House of Thai

2014-02-09_0002houseofthaiBrandon and I took a day date to House of Thai on Saturday. It was great, of course. In all seriousness though (yes, I just used that phrase hehe), I am madly in love with House of Thai. I don't think any other Thai place in Dayton could win over my affection.

We split the Pad Thai and basil chicken, my favorites. : ]

2014-02-09_0005 I love the decor, it made for such pretty photos.



2014-02-09_0004 No post is complete without a dorky picture of my boyfriend. I love him and all the awesome dates we go on. I'm the luckiest. <3

2014-02-09_0008 Exciting news! I accomplished a few goals last week and I get to cross them off my list! Yippee! I'll have separate posts for each sometime throughout the week, so check back later!

I hope you all have a beautiful week.

Much love, Chelsea