23 before 24: St. Paddy's weekend in Chicago

Dayton Photgrapher_0073Spent St. Paddy's day weekend in Chicago with a few good friends and Brandon. Despite my back hurting the whole time (omg I'm getting old, is this really happening?  LOL), I had a great time exploring the city, drinking green beer, and nomming on yummy food. Here is my trip in photos.Dayton Photgrapher_0067Dayton Photgrapher_0065Dayton Photgrapher_0066 Using my lensbaby. ^^^Dayton Photgrapher_0075 Trying my hand at some city street photography.Dayton Photgrapher_0077Dayton Photgrapher_0080Dayton Photgrapher_0078Dayton Photgrapher_0076Dayton Photgrapher_0074Dayton Photgrapher_0070Dayton Photgrapher_0072

Bagpipers and step dancing at the tavern we stopped by, one of kind experience.

Dayton Photgrapher_0069Dayton Photgrapher_0068 Best, and I guess only, matzo ball soup I have ever had.. Eleven City Diner. Perfection.