23 before 24: Week 7

23 before 24: dayton photographer Oh hey February, nice to see you. I  really don't have much to say for this past week. I have been working on my goals fairly consistently and I'm pleased with my progress.

My business Facebook presence is steadily rising, and I'm almost to 600 likes (whooop)! If you haven't already, like me on Facebook! www.facebook.com/chelseahallphoto

I've been practicing cooking. I cook Brandon and I a meal about once a week and I prep my lunches daily. You can read more about that here.

I will be traveling more very soon! Brandon and I leave for Arizona the first week of March. I am in love with Arizona and I can't wait to go back. You can read more about my last trip to the southwest here.

I have also been sticking to my 52 week portrait project of Brandon. Below you can see my portraits from this week. Here are all my portraits from the project.

23 before 24: dayton photographer




23 before 24: dayton photographer 23 before 24: dayton photographer


Brandon called me "paparazzi" yesterday. You can tell in the second to last picture he was over my little portrait session. LOL I think he is slowly getting used to having a photographer for a girlfriend.

Yesterday we watched the Super Bowl at his grandparent's house in Yellow Springs. It was great. They bought everyone pizza and we made buffalo chicken and berry, chocolate cheesecake dips (to die for). I love Brandon's family, they are super amazing people! I can definitely tell where Brandon gets his humor, talent for writing, and kindness. I still have yet to meet his dad's side, but I bet they are just as wonderful.

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you have an amazing week. <3

Much love, Chelsea