23 before 24: Weeks 11 & 12

Hi! I'm back. Back from Arizona that is..I'm behind by a week on my portrait project due to travels, however I'm posting this week's early... so it cancels each other out right? Ha!

Well, I'm a still a little jet lagged and short on time so I'll keep this short and sweet. However, check back later this week for posts on my travels!

Week 11/52

Dayton Wedding Photographer

11/52- Brandon's mom got married over the weekend to a wonderful man named Paul. I was honored to be chosen as the photographer for the wonderfully intimate wedding. Brandon got to walk his mom down the "aisle" (it was held in a beautifully decorated Florida room in Paul's house). In this photo, Brandon just got done letting his mom know that we were ready to start the ceremony. :]

Week 12/52


12/52- Our trip to Arizona was relaxing. We swam and hiked and watch Red's spring training. It was nothing short of amazing! We want to thank Brandon's grandparents, parents, and family for making such a wonderful trip possible. It was great to celebrate Brandon's graduation and acceptance into grad school (I'm extremely proud of him) and to celebrate my new beginnings after leaving the bank.

I have to run, today is my 6th month anniversary with Brandon and he is taking me to P.F. Changs. Isn't he perfect? <3 BUT I have so many posts planned for this next week and I just can't wait to share. Check back later. : D

Whether you were on spring break or working a regular week, I hope it was relaxing/productive one! Have a great weekend, friends.

Much love, Chelsea