Cincinnati Wedding Photographer | The Windamere Middletown | Elizabeth & Mohammad

Elizabeth and Mohammad's wedding was held at The Windamere in Middleton, just outside of Cincinnati and Dayton. We loved their intimate ceremony and the huge bash they threw afterwards to celebrate. These two are such a wonderful match for each other. They have a tender love that has a quiet power. 

The Windamere in Middletown has gorgeous natural light and classic architecture. All the rich wood tones give it a warm, moody look. It's ornate without being  too fussy, historic and elegant.   

I love how close Elizabeth is with her family. She is the apple of her dad's eye and watching them together during the entire wedding day was so touching! They have a really beautiful relationship and you could tell he was so proud of her. 

One of my favorite moments of the day was when Elizabeth and Mohammad just cut loose on the dance floor - the live band was incredible and they were having a blast. It was a fun moment that everyone seemed swept up in! 

P.s. Elizabeth's bouquet was out of this world! The cascading eucalyptus was a dream.