Wedding Day Tips | Ohio Wedding Photographer

Gather all your details before the day starts so that we can photograph them quickly!

This makes the getting-ready portion of the day go by much more smoothly, and it allows me to spend more time focusing on the spontaneous moments when everyone is getting together.

Here are some ideas: rings, jewelry, hair pieces, flowers, shoes, socks, cufflinks, letters, pictures, gifts, cultural items, invitations, programs, printed pieces, and any unique or meaningful items you treasure.

Make sure your loved ones are ready for your special moments.

If you’d like your Mom, Dad, Great Grandma, etc. present for a special moment, make sure they’re dressed and ready. Hiring a wedding planner or a day of coordinator is essential if you want your family present and having fun. Let your coordinator style and decorate your tables, while your family and friends get ready and celebrate with you!


I’ve seen it all. iPads blocking the first kiss, Mom’s glued to their phones videotaping your first dance, family and friends not being in the moment. I want to capture you Mom’s tears to your first dance, your Dad’s laugh during toasts, and your wedding party’s reaction to you both looking hella fine. Make sure to remind friends and family that you hired a professional to capture the day and you want to see their faces, not their phones in pictures because raw emotions are more beautiful and priceless while a sea of cellphones isn’t.

Schedule in some alone time.

Whether a first look or sunset portraits, schedule some time to be alone together. After all, it’s your day and you deserve sometime to rest away from the spotlight.