23 before 24: Arizona Part 2

Dayton Photgrapher_0013Arizona Part 2

The weather in Arizona was FANTASTIC. Besides hiking, we spent our time by pool, checking out local dining, and at a couple Reds' spring training games.

Some of my favorite photos came from our time at the pool. I sure looked silly laying on the edge, but I love the angle that I captured above.

Dayton Photgrapher_0008 Dayton Photgrapher_0007 Always repping Ohio, everywhere I go. <3

Dayton Photgrapher_0010Dayton Photgrapher_0012

I used to spend a lot of my high school days trying to capture abstract photographs. I would try to make my photographs look like paintings, much like a drawer or painter would make their illustration look like a picture.  The way that the water reflected and refracted the Arizona sun was mesmerizing and brought me back a few years. Y'know, as much as I love the art of photojournalism and lifestyle photography (capturing and displaying things the way they are from a point of view), I will always have a special place in my heart for abstraction and distortion.

Dayton Photgrapher_0011

I'll leave you with an adorable photo of my boyfriend resting on my leg. I adore him. <3