23 before 24: Boston's Bistro & Pub

Have you ever been to Boston's Bistro and Pub in the Clayton area? Honestly, I have only been a handful of times and I lived in the area for 18 yrs. My friend James took me for my first time shortly after I turned 21 in 2011. This was probably good, as the craft beer is a huge attraction and keeps me coming back. However, the Hungarian food is reason enough to stop by and check it out. Brandon and I stopped by last Saturday to get beer, lunch, and to have a small study session.

2014-02-16_0017 2014-02-16_0004 These photos have me drooling. Look at those  ^, just look at them! A description straight from the website, "toasted ciabatta bread topped with chipotle crème and feta cheese" with marinated chicken breast from the one and only, Boston's Bistro and Pub. These may have been the best things I have EVER eaten. I'm serious, I totally daydreamed about them all week.2014-02-16_0006 Are you a soft pretzel addict like me? There and gone.2014-02-16_0005 Mashed potatoes, cheese, and bacon on a pizza.. need I say more? Didn't think so. "Mágyar Garlic/Paprika Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Bacon, topped with Cajun spices and Served with Sour Cream." 2014-02-16_0011 Southern Tier Creme Brulee in a Samuel Adams glass? Blasphemy! BUT, I'd rather take  Southern Tier in Sam Adams glass, then not have it all. : ]2014-02-16_0016 When Brandon studies Spanish in a pub, things get silly. 2014-02-16_0009 You can wear anything you want at Boston's. ; D

Where are you visiting this weekend? What are your favorite local spots?