23 before 24: Greek Yogurt Chocolate Mousse

Dayton Food Photographer_0028Greek yogurt chocolate mousse is so decadent, so easy, and so yummy. The best part is you get all the flavor and none of the guilt, because this dessert is under 150 calories! Greek Yogurt Mousse

- Organic Vanilla Greek Yogurt (doesn't have to be organic) -Sugar Free Chocolate Pudding Mix -Cold Water

Yup! That is it. You only need three ingredients! Dayton Food Photographer_0031 I took an individual serving size of the Greek yogurt and stirred in a TBS of the pudding mix. I stirred the mix and it became dense, so I decided to add a few TBS of cold water to thin out my mousse. Add water until you receive your desired consistency.

Feel free to top with chocolate pieces, but know that it adds an extra ~50 calories for 3 pieces of Hershey's chocolate. I think this mousse would be a great pairing for bananas and strawberries. Yummy and simple. <3 Dayton Food Photographer_0030


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