23 before 24: Week 15

Week 15/52Dayton Photgrapher_0099Dayton Photgrapher_0098Dayton Photgrapher_0096Dayton Photgrapher_009715/52- Oh wow. Last week was something else.. I spent the beginning of the week sick and in bed. The middle of the week catching up on my missed workouts and work. & the end of the week in the hospital with my boyfriend. Last week was one of those fluke weeks.. y'know the ones where everything goes wrong and it all seems like a big practical joke is being played on you. "Hello, is Ashton out there? Am I being Punk'd?" Seriously, my week went just like that.

Picture 1: Brandon spent the weekend in the hospital due to having an irregular heart beat, or commonly know as "Afib." Poor man, I felt so bad for him. He was hooked up to everything imaginable in the hospital to keep an eye on his heart rate, and he was barely able to move without some sort of beep or buzz waking him from his sleep.

I was happy to spend most of the weekend by his side. We watched movies, held hands, and snuck a few bites of unhealthy heart food every now and then. I took portraits of him sleeping and I actually got some really beautiful photos in the ER, however, I am respectfully fulfilling his requests not to share any of them (hmph).

Pictures 2-4: Brandon was released from the hospital Sunday with a steady heart rate. He was very grateful to be home and with his guitar. <3 I just love that third picture of him. He seems so at peace.

Sometimes we all have to have bad weeks, it's life. I'm just happy that we both have our health back in order and that we are starting this new week off on a good note. I'm hoping to get back on my blogging game this week, I was having major withdrawals.

Cheers, folks.