23 before 24: Lettuce Wraps

Dayton Photgrapher_0082 23beforeIn an effort to reach my goal of learning to cook, I have decided to try my hand at least one new recipe a week and blog about it. This week, I decided to have a go at lettuce wraps. I have been craving lettuce wraps for a few weeks and I just finally remembered to run to the grocery on Monday to grab a head of lettuce and other veggies needed.

This dish is super simple. All you need is a bunch of veggies, Simple Truth Meatless Crumbles, brown rice, and your favorite teriyaki sauce. I chose to not go off of a recipe and throw things I liked together, feel free to do the same.

I cooked the meatless crumbles in teriyaki sauce (I chose a sweet, pineapple teriyaki), while I chopped up the veggies/toppings. As far as veggies and toppings go, I chose bell peppers, carrots,  zucchini, tomato, and jalapenos.

Dayton Photgrapher_0081 After the meatless crumbles are cooked, you can plate everything. I made a little station for Brandon and I to make our own wraps.

Dayton Photgrapher_0064

The sweetness of the teriyaki and the spiciness of the jalapeno was a perfect combo. This dish was an easy, healthy fix and I'll definitely be making this again soon.